03 May 2013

Under the Knife

Man, a week can fly by!  It's been a wild one.
I followed up the half marathon with a great morning of birding with homebase out at Walnut Woods where we saw all kinds of great things.  It was a great way to keep my mind off my upcoming surgery and, more difficultly, not being able to eat or drink all morning.
I don't think I've ever had general anesthesia before so that was a new experience.  Last thing I remember was them added it to my IV and the ceiling tiles starting to get a bit fuzzy and out of focus.  Next thing I knew I was waking up and super groggy.  Luckily I don't remember most of the odd things I'm sure I said but with homebase and minovia there to drive me home, take care of me, get me whatever I need, monitor my medicine, plug me into and out of my cooling machine, the recovery process was as pleasant as possible.  My stomach couldn't handle the strong pain pills, so it was just ibuprofen for me, but that has fit the bill with no problems.  I couldn't believe the difference a night made.  Monday evening and night were pretty rough but when I woke up on Tuesday, I felt like a new man.  Homebase brought great meals up with her so we all ate well, plus I had Pablo's burrito delivery courtesy of caboose, and I checked out some movies from the library so we had those to watch ("Pal Joey", "War Horse", along with "Promised Land" on iTunes).  Plus I could look out my windows and watch the birds at the feeders.  There was a moment when I was looking through my binoculars from my chair, with my blanket over me and it made me think of Jimmy Stewart in "Rear Window."  Luckily I didn't see anything too suspicious going on out there.  Stoppable thought of the exact movie when we were talking later.  Shared experiences make you think alike I guess!  He also corrected me because I had originally and mistakenly thought the movie was "A Room With a View."
I really was getting pretty spoiled so on Thursday I headed back to work, arm in the sling (for another 4 weeks!) and was happy to be up and about and have some work to do. 
Thanks to all my support team and all the well wishes!


  1. You were an easy patient. I got to see your new place, enjoy the garden and spend time viewing the feeders. I got to be with Sylvia, visit my favorite 2 shops and make sure you were doing well. Time well spent. so glad it all went well. But I will keep in mind you don't like baked potatoes. LOL :)

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  4. That made me laugh out loud! Who knew a baked potato would be so offensive?? Comedy!!