15 May 2013

Tip of the Hat

Mid-90 degree temps here yesterday and it felt gooooood.  I picked up my freshly sharpened blade from Ace Hardware ($7) and got to work.  [Don't worry, I did not even touch the mower with my broken wing.]  I'd been at it for 20 minutes or so when a professional yard truck pulls up to the house next door.  It took them about 15 minutes to do their yard (it's pretty small) and as they were getting ready to leave, one of the guys (the one wearing the backpack blower) walked down my sidewalk all the way to the end and blew it off for me in both directions.  A small gesture that took him less than a minute, but it is these types of kindnesses that make people's days. 
So, tip of the hat to you, friend.

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