30 May 2013

Soccer Snippets

Two videos from the world of European football. 
I watched the USA men get dismantled by Belgium but, after seeing this goal from the Germany vs Ecuador game, it definitely could have been worse.  Seriously, your centerback gets mugged on his first touch, the second pass of the game, ten seconds in, and Podolski bags it easily past the keeper.  Ouch.  That is a morale killer.

And this one is just too fun.  Robin Van Persie (formerly of Arsenal, now of Manchester Utd) putting on a little showcase of footie flair at his tournament in Rotterdam.  He's playing a little 3v3 with a couple other Dutch pros.  The ball control and precision touches are phenomenal.  There are a couple times where the little guys don't know where the ball went. 

1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed the last clip the best! I have never seen 3 players mess around like that... what fun... man they are incredible with footwork,passing, moving.. and they are just in jeans and a sweater. :) Next summer is the World Cup, right??