24 May 2013


I've been spending my two hours a day in the "power chair" doing some rehab on my shoulder and as I sit there, I've been watching a lot of podcasts.  TEDtalks put out "TED talks Education" special this month and there are some GREAT videos in it.  I've still got a couple to watch and have enjoyed all of them so far.  Highly recommended. 
One of the talks, a six minute chat from Angela Lee Duckworth, focuses on the roll of "grit" in student (and adult) success.  The next day I saw a headline about a commencement speech given by Michelle Obama that focuses on the critical trait of grit.  Watch or read it.

"And here’s the thing, graduates:  These qualities are not ones that you’re born with.  They’re not like the color of your eyes or your height.  They’re not qualities that are beyond your control.  Instead, you can dictate whether you’ll have grit.  You decide how hard you’ll work.  So I want you to make those choices right now, today, if you haven’t already done so.  Make those choices.  I want you to tell yourself that no matter what challenges you face, that you will commit yourself to achieving your goals, no matter where life takes you."

Some good reflection material as we count our days until summer break.  

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  1. I saw this TEC talk on tv... first time.. hosted by John Legend. Bill Gates talked,, Angela Lee Duckworh and a few others... it was good .. one hour paid for by IPTV
    Grit... love it, and hope I continue to get more and more