21 May 2013

Flickr makeover

The news of Yahoo! purchasing the microblogging service tumblr for $1.1B was all over the news yesterday.  The founder, David Karp, took home $250M.  Not a bad chunk of change.  The NYTimes has a little article about him today.
But lost in all that hub-bub was the news that flickr got a makeover!  I didn't even know about it until I logged on last night.  Black is the new white, it seems.  Less wasted space, more & bigger photos. The design is a massive leap forward.  The biggest news is they are now giving ALL users 1 terabyte of free storage.  THAT is impressive.  So you can now upload your photos at full resoluation, and they will be displayed in full resolution and you don't have to worry about storage.  So why would I keep paying for a Pro account?  It seems the main item is to stay advertisement-free.  And to have access to statistics.  The Pro account has unlimited storage too, not that I have plans to go beyond a terabyte.  Interestingly, if you were not a Pro member and would like to upgrade to an ad-free account, it will cost you $49.99, which is double what it used to cost to be a Pro member.
I'm still getting used to the new site but change is good usually and, like the updated flickr iOS app, the change was quite a bit overdue. 


  1. Same as you.. clicked on ... and thought .. am I on the right site.. but after navigating a bit...I like it .. but of course.. you must show me how to use it. :) Lucky you... ha ha... mostly Lucky Me.

  2. Read about the TUmblr guy with interest until I saw the email he sent to his employees about the purchase....Not classy, but shows he is brash if nothing else. The NYTimes article was confusing because it said he was 21 on one sentence, and then 26 in the next. What caught my eye the most was that he was 15 and a high school dropout when he started TUMBLR. These stories make me think we are doing something very wrong with some of our most creative minds in the public school system.