09 May 2013

Book Character Day (#0368)

Book Character Day (#0368) by regan76
Book Character Day (#0368), a photo by regan76 on Flickr.
I had to share this picture for two reasons.
One, because the girl is super cute in her Very Hungry Caterpillar outfit (and book).
Two, even better than that, though, it is kid behind her who is having a much less enjoyable morning and happened to look at the camera at just the right moment.  I laugh out loud every time I look at him.


  1. It is a great costume.. Sylvia should have come over for lunch in her matching one. :)

  2. So funny! Isa said, "He's just sad because he lost the glove to his costume and he's never going to find it. Like for the rest of his life."

    Can't you just hear the kid saying that? Lol!

  3. How funny.. small things matter to kids... for about 5 minutes! :)