20 May 2013

Beckham's French Finale

I've always have a lot of respect and admiration for David Beckham.  This article "This David was a Goliath" highlights a few of the aspects of what is so captivating about him.  I read articles about what a role model and positive force he was when he came to LA, both on the practice field and in the lockerroom.  His work rate showed others how he ascended to the stratospheric heights that he did.
It looks like it was a great night at his retirement game.  He was named captain, notched an assist, and left the field in tears. The BBC has some nice shots from the game, his teammates painted their hair with England's colors as a tribute.
I'll have to hunt out some good video compilations of his career highlights later today.

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  1. Yes, I admire him too... for other reasons.. :) He does seem very genuine and nice to others. Good job well done.