15 April 2013

What a Morning

the sharp staccato drilling of a woodpecker on a hollow tree, the loud conversation of a pair of Canada geese calmly floating down the creek, four dark creepy vultures roosted in a pair of trees, a joy of sighting or hearing a fire-red cardinal every mile or so, a squirrel with a perfect, proper S-curved tail on the end of a fallen tree limb poised with a black walnut between his paws watching me go by, a robin tugging a worm out of the sodden soil, the organic, pungent smell of a horse lot, watching six young equestrian riders getting lessons, the sight of 100+ cormorants in the trees at Water Works Park along with a couple dozen cattle egrets and great white egrets, seagulls in the air swooping and turning, Mr. & Mrs. Mallard duck staying close to the shore line as they paddled along in between the grass, three seperate flotillas of coots at Gray's Lake with their formal black bodies and white bills, seeing my first swallows of year as they made their aerobatic turns and dives nipping up insects under the bridge, tipping my hat to the stoic and serious Bald Eagle manning his assigned post by the nest.
All that takes a do-able 10.5 mile run and turns it into a wonderful morning adventure!
A great reminder that nature is wonderful and we need to just get outside and interact with it.

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  1. What a day you had... fantastic replay you live in a great area. Great job!