22 April 2013

Rainbarrel #2 (#0280)

Rainbarrel #2 (#0280) by regan76
Rainbarrel #2 (#0280), a photo by regan76 on Flickr.

Got a second barrel for $15 off Craigs List, picked up the hole bits (7/8" for the spigot, 1 1/4" for the the overflow hose) and a couple pieces of PVC plumbing.
No just need to paint them!


  1. Nice job... now if it would warm up you could water the garden... when it's planted. :) You ought to send it to the Extension Office and tell him thanks. He would love it.

  2. Is the white one low enough for number 1 to drain into? why does the white one need to be up on bricks at all? Just wonderin' :)

  3. It's up on bricks so a bucket/watering can will fit under the spigot. And it is also up on bricks in case i feel like added a third barrel.

    Yes, white one is low enough to drain. It doesn't take much slope.

    After the rain the other day, both barrels are full!

  4. I forgot about the bucket. :) you will have to sell water to the neighborhood there. :)