15 April 2013

Flashback Football Fans

Reading about blatant and widespread racism in European soccer always makes me shake my head.  And on top of that, this past weekend there was multiple instances across England of hooliganism.  Sad to see and I have to point out that the national sports minister's comment that "you never finally beat football hooliganism" is not taking the right tone.  Yes it will require firm responses and there will be fans that push back or act out, but the goal has got to be completely eradicating the problem/problem-creators, not just continually working on reducing the incidents.

1 comment:

  1. This just in...the fan who punched a police horse is claiming it was in self-defense. ...and the Newcastle scarf around his face was not to hide his identity, it was to keep the cold off his bad filling tooth.

    Watch the video and decide for yourself.