05 April 2013

Final Four Update

Edit.  Standings have been updated after the championship game.  Congrats to Louisville!

In case any readers are interested in standings as they get ready to watch the Final Four games this weekend, here's the run-down...
2. homebase
3. middleson
4. pancake
5. minovia

Stoppable & homebase both have Louisville winning the semifinal game and the final so they have more possible points left to win.  homebase will easily leapfrog me if that occurs. Since my only remaining points are if Louisville wins the semi (same as the stoppable), there is no way for me to take the lead.  So, we can crown our champion early again this year...stoppable rules the pool for the fourth straight year!!! I think we can call it a dynasty now, or maybe a re-name to "unstoppable."

In the battle to stay out of the cellar, minovia has a slight lead over pancake, but pancake still has points to win while minovia is tapped out.  If Louisville wins their semi, daughter win pass mother and put her in last place.  minovia had a very rough first round, losing three of her Final Four teams in the first set of games.  Ouch.
Next year I say we make sure to get more of the younger generation in and maybe expand it to other Regan's interested in joining.

Past years: 2012 (stoppable), 2011 (stoppable), 2010 (stoppable), 2009 (homebase), 2008 (caboose), 2007 (middleson), 2006 (homebase), 2005 (middleson)


  1. 4 straight years, impressive!

  2. it's good to be king :D


  3. (thought I'd better get that in before getting dethroned)

  4. congrats E I pick the winner but no cigar... that's the Madness in March Madness. :) GOod Show.. I enjoyed the tournament more this year than last. Lots of new faces and teams.... and weird uniforms. :)