03 April 2013

A Little Work Around the Grounds

Spent some time outside on Easter, after coming back from home as well as after work the last couple days.  There has been loads of sunny hours which, while still pretty brisk, have felt very nice.
I removed, relocated and reused the boards, posts, and chicken wire from my previous residence.  I was able to make a good-sized 12'x5' space with lumber to spare.  minovia had a friend come over with a tiller and really break it up which I think will make a big difference.  I'm still considering deer deterrant options so let me know if you have any.

I also was busy putting up all my birdfeeders! I am too late to offer food while it is snowy but hopefully as the songbirds come through, they'll find my backyard. I've already seen a red-bellied woodpecker testing out the suet feeder.

1 comment:

  1. So nice!!! looks great already... wait till that bird bath gets there... good job... a lot of work but very worth the time when all those birds show up. :)