05 March 2013

Poetry Night

Last week we attended Poetry Night at Isa's school and it was a great time.
They had pizza for sale beforehand as a fundraiser (Domino's. I give it low marks, plus the quality suffers when you order 30 or 40 pizzas) and a storyteller in the library, a raffle for book give aways and then the main event...live poetry readings by the students!
Isa chose a great poem about popcorn which made me smile since that is what she is always begging for afterschool.  She LOVES the popcorn at Starbucks and can really mow through it.  She did a great job of reading in front of a crowd and the night was a big success.

by Helen Moore

Pop, pop, popcorn
popping in the pot.
Pop, pop, popcorn
eat it while it is hot.

Pop, pop, popcorn,
butter on the top.
When I eat popcorn,
I can't stop!


  1. Love things like this... she and I think alike... I just tried that popcorn last week.. and she is right... very tasty. Great pics

  2. I also LOVED the Poetry Alive events we had at our elementary school. My class always participated and shone with the best of the native speakers. There is a poem/chant called "Pizza & Pop" that Issa should probably know about. Check it out and see if you can get a read from the Internet. Great pics of the adults with Issa.