30 March 2013

Children's Book Spotlight

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon.

Isa picked the DVD of this story off the shelf and wanted it, and so I redirected that request into a hunt for the book version.  She went and asked the librarian if they had it (all by herself) and the two of them hunted it down on the shelves.  We read it there at the library and she enjoyed it.  I liked the character and expression in Stellaluna's face and body that the illustrations convey.  A popular selection, and deservedly so.

The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous.
Won the Caldecott Medal in 1951.  The unique illustrating style and use of bold primary colors are what caught my eye on this one.  And it was very timely as we read it only a couple weeks before Easter.  It is a Pennsylvania Dutch story about egg decorating, hunting and egg trees.  Isa enjoyed the story, especially the part where the girl (who thought she had found the most eggs and then finds out she had been pipped by her brother) unearths some very special eggs from the past in the attic. I enjoyed thinking about the egg decorating that we had done with homebase growing up, blowing out the yolks, using wax crayons, looping string through them and putting them on our own egg tree.  Thanks Mom!

The Quiet Place by Sarah Stewart & illustrations by David Small.
This was one that I just picked up off the New Arrivals display to look at and the main character's name happens to be Isabel!  So at that point I knew I had to read it.  It is a great epistolary story, set in 1957, of a girl whose leaves Mexico and comes to America with her family and it is told through 12 letters from her to her Aunt Lupita back home.  The star of the story (in my mind) is the older brother.  It was nice to read a new book that had a storyline and wasn't just focused on crazy illustrations.


  1. I like Stellaluna... the kids seem to really like it.. not fantastic dialogue but a good book. Always really liked The Egg Tree. I gave a presentation in Children's Lit on this book, complete with blown out eggs on a branch. A true Classic. It is out of print but you can find copies here and there. Haven't read the last one. I love this spotlight.

  2. The Quiet Place is a good one. Since I can't join you on your weekly library expeditions, reading about them is the next best thing.