25 March 2013

Chicago Spring Break '13

Jellies! (#0171)Jellies! (#0173)Jellies! (#0170)Jellies! (#0169)Shedd Aquarium (#0167)4D Movie Fun (#0165)
Taxi Ride (#0148)Xoco (#0147)Torta at Xoco (#0146)Hot Chocolate Cheers (#0143)Early Morning at the Bean (#0142)Early Morning at the Bean (#0140)
Early Morning at the Bean (#0138)Giordano's (#0134)Lego Store (#0127)Children's Museum (#0120)Children's Museum (#0118)Waterways (#0117)
Waterways (#0115)Waterways (#0106)Waterways (#0105)Waterways (#0101)Waterways (#0099)Waterways (#0097)
Chicago Spring Break '13, a set on Flickr.
Now THAT was a fast spring break.
And this fun Chicago trip was only 2 days of it! More to come soon but it was a nice break full of fun, food, vacation, driving, moving, basketball and friends.

For our Chicago trip we pretty much spent most of Tuesday at the Children's Museum on Navy Pier. It was a GREAT value. minovia and I got in free as teachers and so Isa was our only charge! And there are so many interactive displays and activities. Between the Skyline construction area and the Waterways water tables, we could have been entertained all day.
We got in a little shopping when we left. There was a ton of stuff 50% sale at the adidas store, so I scored some nice shoes for summer for $26. Then, after a considerable wait, we chowed down on some Giordano's pizza before collapsing in our beds at the Congress Hotel.
We didn't stay in them long as we were up in time to walk up to see the Bean around 7:15, (never been the only people there before!) and then caught a taxi over to Xoco for a delicious Rick Bayless breakfast.
Then we spent the rest of our time at the Shedd Aquarium. So much to see! Coral reef, penguins, whales, aquatic show, a short 4-D movie that was really great from Planet Earth, and a wonderful jellyfish display.
I was able to much a couple of Chicago dogs in my short time there, and they were delicious.
We headed out around 3:30 and then stopped on the way home to meet minovia's mom & sister and have a super tasty dinner of birria, rice, guacamole, key lime pie.  Unfortunately we couldn't stay long and have to shove off to get home with the impending move.  We got back home around 1 am, a whirl-wind trip for sure, but loads of fun!

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  1. that's the best kind... go go go then collapse after you leave. :) Sounds like lots of fun... great timing between storms :)