14 March 2013

Celebrate! (part two)

Not only did we get introduced to Pope Francis, but it was also the sixth birthday of a certain girl I know.  I got to have lunch with her and her mom and then spent the evening with her.  We went to dance (rocking some great legwarmers), then spent quite a while at the dollar store picking out two items (some many things to choose from!).  She finally chose a pink stretchy, sticky hand to go with a pair of jiggly-eye glasses.  After that she and I dined at Hy-Vee, where she selected all her favorite things from the salad bar while I opted for a little Chinese food.  
We got home in time to watch a few minutes of the Muppet Movie and greet minovia when she got home from conferences.  Not a bad day at all.


  1. they even match her jacket. :) I think she had a great time... did she wear the glasses the whole time she ate and did anyone else notice it?? :)

  2. She wore them on the way into and out of Hy-Vee and while we walked around. People thought they were great.
    They were a little too cumbersome while eating, difficult to see out of. She definitely got her dollar's worth of enjoyment out of them.