15 February 2013

Valentine's/Ferris Bueller Day

Althought it wasn't technically a Ferris Bueller Day since I just used a day of vacation, but it was a day off in the middle of the week and since Isa was on intercession, I had a partner for my day of fun.
We started the day off with some book reading.  Her reading skills are growing so fast!  It's great to hear her make her way through the words and pages.  And now, in some easy reading books, she's adding some variation and expression to her reading aloud.
Our big project for the morning was baking some pink cupcakes, then frosting and decoration them with all sorts of sprinkles.  She was a great help in the kitchen and it was fun to be able to take a cupcake break at 10:00 am and enjoy a little of the fruits of our labor.
We then headed out and timed out stop at Saylorville Vistor Center very well.  Full sun and blue skies helped take the edge off of the slightly chilly & windy conditions.  We hiked around a bit, spied some birds (bald eagle, blue jays, cardinals, tufted titmouse, black-chipped chickadee (which Isa ID'd by its call!), downy woodpeckers, crows and juncos) and she also spotted some deer and dog tracks in the mud.  When our fingers got too frosty, we hopped back in the Jeep and headed into the city.
Pablo's, as many know, is my favorite lunch eatery.  So I was very excited to share its yummy goodness with someone new.  Isa thought the rice was pretty great and did a good job on her piece of the quesadilla.  She was more interested in all the hustle & bustle of the skywalk.  "But how did they all get in here?" was asked several times. 
We them executed our surprise attack on minovia, catching her during naptime.  She was thrilled with our cupcake treats and it was fun to see her during the teaching day.
After that it was naptime for us, then running some errands and a little library time.  The three of us capped off the day with pizza at Gusto.  A great day indeed with my two valentines, plus I was able to watch the 2 hour Downton Abbey episode that I had missed this week so I am all caught up for the finale this Sunday! 


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  2. You are right that officially, it's not a Ferris day, because you had permission. However, the rest was perfect. I'm taking a Ferris Day today myself, since I saw you all might have a snow day, I decided to take a "beautiful spring weather in Jaipur, and my trip to the Desert Festival was Thorted" day. The gym, the bookstore, a cafe, and the backyard are the destinations I've decided on so far.