07 February 2013

Special Blessings

Signing your name a couple dozen times so someone will loan you a very large amount of money so you can buy the house of your dreams one day, and then turning around and following someone else around that hours for two hours while they show you every single thing that is wrong with it is not really an enjoyable process.

Seriously though, it was SO helpful & educational to be there while the guys (Dave Reynolds, Iowa State Home Inspections, fantastic) inspected my new place.  I learned a lot about houses in general and our house in particular. 

Two special surprise blessings today:
  1. I came out of my place to go to work this morning and in the face of a cold, steady rain my male cardinal friend was singing relentlessly.  He's always out there and I was happy to hear that he wasn't going to let the grey morning get him down.  I took it as a sign to make the most of my day.
  2. For dinner I had some delicious leftover meatballs in the frig so I stopped and picked up a bag of hoagie buns on the way home.  There were supposed to be six in the bag.  I got seven.  Yes!!

1 comment:

  1. Rotella's often puts an extra in there as well.. :) Good to know everything about your house... and in owning there will be or should be an ongoing list of improvements. I heard songbirds yesterday also... Spring is just around the corner... So glad you had a trustworthy honest inspection man.. well done.