25 February 2013

Shrinking Number of Crop Varieties

Not a lot of accompanying information with this National Geographic chart, but I thought it was still good enough to share.  I'd like to find some lesser known variety of beets & carrots to try out in my garden this year.  Lemme know if you know of a good seed resource.


  1. Burpee new catalog is out. check it out on line

    Earl Mays

    Seed Saver--great catalog order it to look at -always wanted to go to the storefront in Dubuque after reading this
    You must have a few seed catalogs on your coffee table to just be credible. :)

  2. Isn't there a group in Decorah--Seed Savers?--that have heir-loom seeds to sell? I think that this is potentially a very big problem from a biological point of view, not to mention to culinary loss. Most of our veggies now are bred for mass shipment and not for flavor or nutrition. Plant on!

  3. Great tips.
    I requested both catalogs. Thanks!!
    Can't wait to check them out.

    I've been checking out some of what the Iowa State Extension Office has to offer. Lots of info on trees, gardening, yards, pruning, etc. Site needs a little updating but still good stuff.
    They have a couple guys on "Talk of Iowa" on Iowa Public Radio, like once a week who are super fun to listen to. They know EVERYTHING.

  4. Decorah's seed saver program is famous around the country, actually, and they would be a good organization to support. They are dedicated to preserving the vintage varieties, which often have more flavor, but less hardy aspects for shipping across our large country, etc. Check them out!