28 February 2013

Sequestration: a basic economic analysis

"Sequestration: a basic economic analysis" by Jason Welker.
I used to LIVE BY this guy's wonderful website when I was making my way through my first year of teaching and working through the AP Macro curriculum.  I saw this article yesterday and loved how it took something that everyone is talking about (or at least hearing about) and drew direct lines to terms and principles that they are learning in their economics course.  

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  1. Thanks, this was an excellent post. This is a big deal, and the way that it's playing out runs in the face of my 6E:2 (intro macro econ course) learning of 40 yrs ago. Am I outdated? I think recent events have tested these theories (basically Keynes) and found them accurate (updated via Friedman (Milton) & Krugman, et al.). Reps hate "gov'ment" seems to be what it boils down to, way past even Reagan & his ilk. Interesting.