28 February 2013

Not Keeping Score

"Disspelling the Myth Around No Scores, No Standings" by Jason deVos.
This article about the recent decision made by Canada's soccer development program to no longer keep scores or league standings for any of its youth teams under 12 years old.
There are some great points in there and, it "isn't about removing competition, nor is it about providing young athletes with a sense of false achievement. It is about creating an environment where every child can learn the skills they need to achieve success in the game, and then allowing them to apply these skills in competitive formats that are age-appropriate."
"Rather than fostering their natural creativity and curiosity about the game, it stunts their development. In such an environment, children are not free to make the mistakes that are necessary for learning to occur. They play the game with a sense of dread, fearful that a mistake will lead to a goal against or a lost game."

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