09 January 2013

NBA Articles

I don't watch much pro basketball (other than The Finals) and consequently I don't read many articles about it either.  But, since the title of this post is "NBA Articles" I'm sure you've guessed that I bucked that habit and came across a few good ones that I wanted to share with you. 
"The Kobe Question" by Bill Simmons of ESPN's Grantland.  This one just caught my eye on the Google News page.  I detest Kobe and my dislike led me to click on it to see what the question was.  The article is actually just as much about Bill Russell as it is about Kobe.  And I loved the article. 
I then followed a click-thru to read "Me and Smush (and Kobe)" by Rafe Bartholomew.  Not as deep or thoughtful but a fun look at a fringe NBA player through his youth league teammate's eyes.  And it also presented Kobe as I figured. 
Lastly, I was spinning away the minutes on the elliptical machine at the YMCA last week, sweating off a small portion of all the delicious holiday morsels I vacuumed up over winter break, I was flipping through the "Sportsman of the Year" issue of Sports Illustrated.  LeBron James was their selection for the stellar year he had with the Heat and the USA Olympic team.  The article, by Lee Jenkins, gave a nice look at how he has worked and studied to get to his current form. It also shines a light on his philanthropic work with Akron schools and at-risk youth. I was happy I read it and will have a new & deeper appreciation for him the next time I watch him play.

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  1. I'm in the same camp as you with Kobe, and I'm a fan of LeBron, so I'll check out the 3rd article.