04 January 2013

Five Songs: 2012

The list is done!
I got so many great songs from everyone's submissions this year, even more than last year!  Thanks for taking the time to submit your picks.  As I say every year, this is such a super fun project for me.  I love checking in with people I wouldn't otherwise hear from.  Each email I get puts a smile on my face when I see it pop up in my inbox. 
I love the diversity of the list, and the diversity of the people that contribute to it.  We've got music from all sorts of genres, all areas of the globe.
Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope you all find as many gems in the list as I did!
2012 List
And I put it in a YouTube playlist again this year for easier listening.  Some links may break but for now, all is good.  Check it out here.
Past years in case you want to review...2011, 2010


  1. love this project... lots of good songs.. I will be listening for days!! Thanks.

  2. Thank you to I for the song "What I Am" I want to teach it to our school kids for Character Counts.. I love the motions and the lyrics. :) FUN