04 January 2013

A Couple Lists from Rev. James Martin

Thank God for Rev. James Martin.  This Jesuit priest has been a beacon of spiritual guidance and thought.  He has a good list of "12 Really Stupid Things I Never Want To Do Again" from year-end 2011, and "12 Things I Learned at 50 That I Wish I Knew At 25." from year-end 2010.
And this year's, "Five Things You Can (Really) Do For A Happier Year."
  1. Be a little kinder.
  2. Relax a bit more. 
  3. Enjoy nature more.
  4. Be a little more grateful.
  5. Pray just a tiny bit more.
Check out the link for his full thoughts.
I will be re-reading these through the year.

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  1. he is my daily check on Facebook! Very easy to follow and likes a laugh.. but not too jokey,,, just perfect--ha.