01 January 2013

2012 Book List

This year I tried to write a few sentences when I finished a book which made putting this list together easier, quicker and more interesting.  Click the link to check out a pdf of the 36 books I read this year.  I listened to some good ones from the library and read a good variety of genres and topics. 
I didn't pick any favorites or stinkers this year.  Decided to be happy with just a list.
Lemme know what you think and what you recommend!!!


  1. Love this listing every yr so here is mine-- J and I share books quite often so lots are the same as his.
    1.My Life from Scratch-Gesine Bullock Prado,, yes, Sandra Bullock's sister.. chef in New England and a good web site.
    2.Best Advice I ever got-Katie Couric
    3. Time of our Lives-Tom Brokaw
    4. I Got This-Jennifer Hudson
    5. An Invisible Thread-Laura Schraff
    6. My First Summer in the Sierras John Muir
    7. Lady Amina and the Real Downton Abbey by Countess Carnavon :| so so
    8. Prague Winter Madeline Albright. good
    9.Along the Way-Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.. loved it
    10. Saint Therese and the Roses
    11. Big Year Mark Bomascik
    12. Gathering, Memoir of a Seed Saver Diane Whealy
    13. Nothing to do but Stay-pioneer Norwegian homesteading..kinda dry
    14. Growing Up Amish vivid portrait of this life
    15. Diary of a Player- Brad Paisley
    16. Two Kisses For Maddy- Logelin sad
    17.Lessons from the Mountain. M MCDonnagh, Waltons Mountain actor... not good
    18.Heaven is for Real-Burpo
    19. Becoming Dr. Q. Migrant worker to brain surgeon story.. good
    20. Once Upon a Secret, Mimi the Mistress-skip
    21. Eighty Dollar Champion-horse story.. named Snowball.. save your time
    22. all there is-love stories from NPR loved it :)
    23. a Good Man-Mark Shriver, about his dad very good
    24. The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper.. good tips know them.. now to follow them
    25. Code Talker-Chester Nez-good Navaho life and what they did during the war
    26. Saint Gianna Molla- okay adoration time read.
    27. Winning Balance Shawn Johnson. Loved it and her
    28. Gregor the Overlander Noah's book very good
    29. We bought a zoo. movie better and that's not sayin much
    30. always by my side Jim Nantz sports and his dad and dad's fight with alzheimers
    31. Open - Andre Agassi Excellent well written compelling look at what it took to get himself to the top
    32. The Bluebird Effect- j. zickefoose okay
    33.TO Selena, With Love, Chris Perez, her husband good
    34-38, 1916,1921,1949,1972,1999 by Llwelyn Irish History fiction series.. very good
    39. Folks This Ain't Normal- Salatin good
    40. Catholicism-Barron bit boring dry writing
    41. Juliette Gordon Low founder of Girl Scouts. bit on the dry side also
    42.Lessons from the Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, world's oldest living survivor of Holocaust. intersting outlook on life
    43. To Free A Family Journey of Mary Walker, slave-too depressing, couldn't take it
    44-50An Irish Country Village-Patrick Taylor all the series 6 of them I believe Irish Country dr, Irish Country Wedding, etc.
    conti on next comment
    51. David Silva's spy series. Kill Artist,

  2. 52-62 all the other David Silva spy books in order English Assassin, Death in vienna, Prince of Fire etc to the last one Fallen Angel
    63. Mrs. Kennedy and Me, Clint Hill her bodyguard
    64. Road to valor- McConnor, Italian bike racer during ww2 won Tour de France
    65. I'd like to Apologize to Every Teacher I ever had. Tony Danza.. prepared not to like but I did
    66. The Christmas of the Phonograph records. mari sondoz.. no
    67. Open Heart- Elie Wiesel fair. He usually is so good.. he undergoes heart surgery. very short read
    68. Some girls Some hats and Hitler. Kanter, good story about Hat Millinery in the 30's
    69. Christmas at Eagle Pond Donald Hall good short story
    70. The Litagators John Grisham very good
    71. Skipping Christmas John Grisham good.
    72, The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon wonderful fabulous, I read it every yr. :) READ IT. Happy New Year and let us know what you have been reading.

  3. Jake,
    Thanks for doing your book list & song list, as I enjoy them both very much. you perform an excellent job as facilitator. I still remember Mr. Popper's Penguins from our teacher (the mean Mrs. Anderson) reading it aloud to our class. I enjoy the Pink book as well, and I note that he's just published a new one. I'd read his earlier one (A Whole New Mind) and enjoyed it as well. The Steinbeck is jarring, but he usually deals with harsh realities. On Anne's recommendation, I tried the Hunger Games after watching the movie (which I enjoyed). The book didn't grab me, but maybe I should try it again. I should also try the C.S. Lewis, as he seems an unfailingly thoughtful writer.

    I have now completed my list & here is the link: http://sngthoughts.blogspot.in/2013/01/books-2012.html

    Happy Reading to all, and to all a good night (well, it's night here in India)