29 January 2013

"Who Are You Again?"

It seems like there is no end to the current deluge of fraudulent people in the news.  While the "catfishing" story involving Manti Te'o is without a doubt the craziest (don't even get me started on this topic), I came across this story about a Portuguese economist whose audacity is beyond impressive.  "The Fraudster Who Fooled A Nation"  It totally reminded me of an 80's movie, like "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" mixed with "Fletch."

28 January 2013

The Pelicans

I saw this announcement in the news last week and we had a good discussion about it in my office.  The New Orleans Hornets are now the Pelicans and have all new branding. 
I, personally, love the choice of mascot.  I am tired of the stand-by vicious animals (Lions, Tigers, Wolves, etc.) and equally tired of the stale weather conditions (Thunder, Heat, etc.).  I think about some of the charismatic team names from clubs that have been around for ever and there is no way some of them would get chosen today.  Knickerbockers, 76ers, Red/White Sox, Yankees, Bengals, Browns, Pistons, Penguins, Oilers, etc.  Not really fear-inducing when you think about them, but they have become part of popular society. 
I love the front-facing pelican, especially that leading edge white outline on the wings.  Very cool.  Plus navy & red is one of my favorite color combos.  The only thing I wasn't super sold on was the 'crescent basketball'.  I wanted the crescent to stand out a bit more.
And the "bird-de-lis"?  Dig it. Check out the link for the full review.

This news also reminded me of another sports team branding article on this same site that I came across in their end of the year list.  Check out their review of the Stockton Ports.  (just in case you are hesitating on clicking the link...the logo involves asparagus.  'nuff said)

That site also had a pretty hilarious run-down of some of the worst rebrandings of last year.

22 January 2013

Blunt Cover Letter Goes Viral

Came across this article during a short news break this morning.
I love the honest, straight-shooting stance this young internship applicant uses...


My two highlights (other than getting to witness my guy get sworn in to four more year of leading this great country):

Beyonce.  Wow.  She killed it

And the Isiserettes.  I can't tell you how much I want to be a part of them, every time I see them.  They are one of my most favorite things about this city.  (They are on from 4:30-7:15 in this clip).  And I'm glad to see the POTUS & family love them too.  

I loved seeing the millions of people, enduring the cold, sharing the experience of a lifetime with each other, all the flags, all the pomp and circumstances, dress uniforms, fancy hats.  God bless us all and God bless these United States of America.

21 January 2013

Bendy Guy & the Rock

 We have some fun in our house with posing the bendy guy on the frig and waiting for the other person to notice him.  Here he takes a step up.
 Picks up the rock for the first time.
 Tries it on his back.
 Gets it overhead.
 caboose made me laugh out loud when I came home and found this one.
 He recovered though and did a little showing off.

"The Incredible Journey" for real!

Saw this article, "A Cat's 200 Mile Journey Home Leaves Scientists Guessing" in the NY Times today. 
Perhaps even more startling is that there are people whose jobs titles are "Cat Biologist" and "Cat Behaviorist."

15 January 2013

Big News

Some big news was released last Thursday, check out the video for details.

And KT shared this video to illustrate her excitement.
Honestly it's been very fun sharing the news and we can't wait to start some planning!
Check out my flickr for more pictures.

13 January 2013

Bowl Challenge Winner

Forgot to post this until now!

The 2012 Bowl Challenge results were finalized before the championship game since we all faithfully chose the Irish.
  • middleson - 19 points
  • homebase - 18.5
  • mi novia - 17.5
  • stoppable - 17
  • caboose - 15.5
A tight race this year!  Congrats to all.  Not long now until March Madness!

09 January 2013

NBA Articles

I don't watch much pro basketball (other than The Finals) and consequently I don't read many articles about it either.  But, since the title of this post is "NBA Articles" I'm sure you've guessed that I bucked that habit and came across a few good ones that I wanted to share with you. 
"The Kobe Question" by Bill Simmons of ESPN's Grantland.  This one just caught my eye on the Google News page.  I detest Kobe and my dislike led me to click on it to see what the question was.  The article is actually just as much about Bill Russell as it is about Kobe.  And I loved the article. 
I then followed a click-thru to read "Me and Smush (and Kobe)" by Rafe Bartholomew.  Not as deep or thoughtful but a fun look at a fringe NBA player through his youth league teammate's eyes.  And it also presented Kobe as I figured. 
Lastly, I was spinning away the minutes on the elliptical machine at the YMCA last week, sweating off a small portion of all the delicious holiday morsels I vacuumed up over winter break, I was flipping through the "Sportsman of the Year" issue of Sports Illustrated.  LeBron James was their selection for the stellar year he had with the Heat and the USA Olympic team.  The article, by Lee Jenkins, gave a nice look at how he has worked and studied to get to his current form. It also shines a light on his philanthropic work with Akron schools and at-risk youth. I was happy I read it and will have a new & deeper appreciation for him the next time I watch him play.

08 January 2013

#wearend #goIrish

#wearend #goIrish, a photo by regan76 on Flickr.
Last night was rough to watch. Didn't get any breaks, seemed to be unable to get any energy or momentum and Alabama's line was just as dominant as everyone said they would be.
Regardless, it was a great season and a great group of seniors.
Plus someone made me a special sign for the game.

04 January 2013

Five Songs: 2012

The list is done!
I got so many great songs from everyone's submissions this year, even more than last year!  Thanks for taking the time to submit your picks.  As I say every year, this is such a super fun project for me.  I love checking in with people I wouldn't otherwise hear from.  Each email I get puts a smile on my face when I see it pop up in my inbox. 
I love the diversity of the list, and the diversity of the people that contribute to it.  We've got music from all sorts of genres, all areas of the globe.
Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope you all find as many gems in the list as I did!
2012 List
And I put it in a YouTube playlist again this year for easier listening.  Some links may break but for now, all is good.  Check it out here.
Past years in case you want to review...2011, 2010

A Couple Lists from Rev. James Martin

Thank God for Rev. James Martin.  This Jesuit priest has been a beacon of spiritual guidance and thought.  He has a good list of "12 Really Stupid Things I Never Want To Do Again" from year-end 2011, and "12 Things I Learned at 50 That I Wish I Knew At 25." from year-end 2010.
And this year's, "Five Things You Can (Really) Do For A Happier Year."
  1. Be a little kinder.
  2. Relax a bit more. 
  3. Enjoy nature more.
  4. Be a little more grateful.
  5. Pray just a tiny bit more.
Check out the link for his full thoughts.
I will be re-reading these through the year.

03 January 2013

Enrollment Changes

I was half-heartedly reading through this post on enrollment changes in Iowa school districts when I came across something that gave me pause.  There were a lot of the expected names for most growth, Waukee, Ankeny, Dallas Center-Grimes, although a few made me curious, Rock Valley, Postville and Pleasant Valley. 
It was in the shrinking districts category that I came across a familiar name.  #3 by percentage, Farragut.  It shrunk 20% over 5 years (that's -52 students). I guess that explains why they are now in whole grade sharing.  Fare thee well Admirals.

01 January 2013

2012 Book List

This year I tried to write a few sentences when I finished a book which made putting this list together easier, quicker and more interesting.  Click the link to check out a pdf of the 36 books I read this year.  I listened to some good ones from the library and read a good variety of genres and topics. 
I didn't pick any favorites or stinkers this year.  Decided to be happy with just a list.
Lemme know what you think and what you recommend!!!

NYE 2012 (#1050)

NYE 2012 (#1050) by regan76
NYE 2012 (#1050), a photo by regan76 on Flickr.
Yes, the clock may say 9:15 but we were celebrating anyways. This is a picture of our party attendees. First party I've ever brought a penguin and an anteater to.
Our party included watching Iowa State get beat, watching some shadow puppet tutorials and learning how to do a good dog and swan, stuffed mushroom caps, piglets in a blanket, fromage fort, veggies & hummus, sparkling grape juice, Candyland, a trip through Jolly Holiday Lights, and lots of noisemakers.
Can't wait to see what 2013 will bring.