31 December 2012

First LEGO Experience

I can't tell you how happy this made me.
I was making some breakfast in the other room and she picked out this LEGO that Santa had brought (when she opened it on Christmas she said, "I just wish it was a girl set.") and had completed the first six steps in the booklet by herself correctly.  We did the rest of it together and even though it took quite a while, she was a trooper and kept working.  
Her comment afterward, "I didn't know LEGOs were so work-able."  Not sure exactly what was meant but I took it as a positive. 


  1. another child who discovered the joy of lego building. so glad it wasn't the fire station!! ha ha. Perfect selection for the first experience good job

  2. When our kids were LEGO age, they didn't have those silly pink-purple "girl" ones. I was disappointed to see them. Having used LEGOS in an upper elementary classroom, I can definitely see that girls need more time on task with the real deal, so congrats on doing your part!