12 December 2012

Civic Hero

I love hearing about anyone taking an interest in restoring, renovating or revitalizing their hometown or rural Iowa.  Builders/businesses are so quick to look to suburban corporate plazas, but it is so much nicer to repurpose a space and it makes such a difference to the community.  My college friend Joe Sheeley was the first to really get me thinking about these things.  And it is why I love Sons & Daughters of Imogene. 
This article by Chuck Offenburger and Becca Castle's efforts to reclaim the Johnson Bros. Mill building on Shenandoah's main strip is exciting and laudable. 
Good Luck Becca!


  1. They tabled the request till Feb I heard..hope it comes through for her and all of us!

  2. Takes a lot of money to make something like this work, especially once deterioration has begun. Also, it's very big, unlike the The Depot or Emerald Isle. Even Iowa City has problems with projects like this. It's hard to find businesses that need that much space & that can generate sufficient income to support the financing & operation.