08 December 2012

Cinnamon Ornaments

or "ormanents" as Isa likes to say.
We've been doing lots of projects lately and we were able to use our sick day to finish up our cinnamon ornaments yesterday.  I had to cut out of work a little early on Wednesday after getting informed that she was running a temp and not feeling good.  School policy is that they can't come back the next day either, so that meant a Friday sick day!  So I decided to take one too so we all could hang out together.  And it was a great decision.  Pancakes & eggs in the morning, tongue depressor snowflake decorations, lots of coloring, book reading and we put string in our cinnamon ornaments and put a few on the trees.
I remember having these great smelling ornaments growing up and when I saw them on Pinterest I thought it'd be a great little craft project.  I also liked that they added some glitter using Mod Podge.  We added some glitter glue designs too.  I couldn't believe how strong the cinnamon smell was while these were in the oven (two hours at 200 degrees.)
I hope all your trees are looking lovely and your Advent season is starting off fantastically.


  1. These are beautiful! I made these with some classes years ago, and most of the students loved them, but one kid kept gagging. I found out later he was allergic to cinnamon. WOOPS. The popsicle ornaments are something new and I like them. What a great look for a tree! You know how I love a good ornament.

    Sick days are even better than snow days if no one is too ill. Great call on staying home and enjoying the day. We call those "Ferris" days in our family, and I think every teacher should have then written into their contract. But maybe it's more fun to take them on your own. Excellent plans for the day.

  2. Great photos.. everything turned out great!!