31 December 2012

Christmas 2012

What a wonderful end to the Advent season.  I have lots that I should probably write about, but for now I'll summarize it and say that I had a great trip back home.  homebase and I got in some last minute shopping and also our annual trip to Whole Foods to pick out all the buffet food.  Christmas Eve was a quiet affair for homebase, caboose & I.  We had a nice mass at the beautiful St. Patrick's church, seeing familiar faces and then watching It's a Wonderful Life when we got home.  Christmas morning saw the arrival of not just Santa, but also the Omaha family and we had a fabulous time full of a bountiful buffet, ping-pong games, present opening, cooking discussion, reading, playing reverse charades and just having a great time together.  Everyone dispersed pretty quickly this year but most of us were able to reconvene back at the farm the following weekend (with mi novia & isa this time) for a little more fun.  A full ping-pong tournament was held this time with stoppable and mi novia fighting out a close final before stoppable took home the title.  We had a little sledding and some delicious soups (Senate bean, chicken double noodle, tomato).  It was a great time and I was so happy for everyone to get some time to meet isa and get to know mi novia better. 
Thanks for all the fun, family!  Have a safe & joyous NYE!

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  1. It is so wonderful to live close enough for all of us to be together. My best gift in the world.. Thanks for coming all--both times... made it so fun. Happy and Blessed New Year to all