29 November 2012

Volleyball Headshot

Iowa high school volleyball.  This girl from Holy Trinity Catholic drops the hammer of Thor on this girl who has no chance of escape.  She drops like a rock and the trainer comes on to take care of the bloody nose.  That's some power.
As a bonus, if you watch the ricochet the ball gets under the feet of a fan making a trip to the concession stand and they hit the deck too. 


  1. Always glad I didn't play volleyball.. of course they didn't have it back in the day..:)

  2. I recall another lefty hitting from the right side who did some similar work! ( A gym on the Chicago area is an image that pops into my mind.) They can be lethal. If I were the victim, I'd provide a swift kick in the rear to her delinquent blockers! To the victim, get your arms up! Better to get six-packed than a nose job.