27 November 2012

Thanksgiving Update

So much going on lately, I can barely keep up! 
Thanksgiving break was wonderful.  I started it off with some shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's on my way out of town on Wednesday.  As everyone made their way down to the farmhouse, the gathering just got more and more fun.  Homebase had a geat meal of French dips and a big stack of magazines waiting for everyone to enjoy. 
stoppable and I had a great four mile turkey trot the next morning.  We saw the sun come up, spied a turkey, a pheasant and two hawks and covered a lot of varied terrain including gravel road, dirt road, farm path, and corn field. LOTS of hills.  It definitely helped work up an appetite.  And the meal was fantastic.  So many delicious dishes and chocolate cheesecake to cap it off! 
We continued the tradition we started last year with our Change for Change bucket.  This year we were able to purchase bees and a "farmer pack" which is a cow and two sheep from Oxfam International.
Black Friday was a blast, as always.  This year we skipped Target and just went straight to the mall.  Lots of good deals, lots of fun.  I always enjoy our Starbucks break.  This year I picked up the "Holidays Rule" cd while we were there. (Only fair so far) and homebase treated me to a fun wintery travel cup!  While we were resting, homebase pulls out one of the Gap candles (the same one we get each year) and says, "Here's your candle!" To which I replied by pulling out one of the ones I'd purchased and said "Here's yours!"  We had each bought a pair and now had four candles!  After some laughs we returned two of them and got back to shopping. 
We made a couple quick stops at Dick's Sporting Goods and Rockbrook Camera and then headed to stoppable's house to watch the Iowa vs Nebraska game.  While I obviously wished the Hawks could've pulled out a win, I was happy with the level they played at and that they kept it respectable.  It was a season to forget and look towards next season.  Luckily the meatballs subs stoppable provided were delicious.
Saturday, homebase and I did a little crafting and had a little photography/iPhoto training session and a fun Skype session with Iowa Guru in India.  I heading back to DSM in the afternoon and was able to get lots done and made some delicious Gameday nachoes (using leftover turkey sauted with taco seasoning and pintos) for the big Notre Dame / USC game.  It was a solid performance by the Irish.  I loved their ground game and I'm still pinching myself that they are undefeated, #1, and headed to the national championship game! 
Sunday was pretty much consumed by purchasing, delivering, assembling and enjoying a new ping-pong table in minovia's basement.  There have already been some "lively" matches and it makes me happy to think how many more are in our future. 


  1. THis Black Friday seemed calm, organized and not as expensive as most... loved all that. K helped me with ideas, and that was a life saver. Notre Dame's playing for the championship is so fantastic. I wear my new gear every week after they win!! May have to get a new one for the championship. Had such a good time with everyone this Thanksgiving... thanks for coming, bringing food, and celebrating our love for each other.

  2. A ping pong table! Now you're talking. Steve and I challenge you two to....well, we're not sure yet, but we will get back to you. That game is how Steve and I did our first courting, so it's got a warm history with us both!