01 November 2012

Politics by Brand

Since I shared the beer chart previously, I thought I'd better share these two charts as well.  One is a breakdown of fast-food chains and the other is food brands.  Worthly of note is that the data came from analysis of "likes" of their facebook page.  I'm not certain how they came up with voter turnout using facebook though.
And I'm guessing you can probably throw out Chick-Fil-A because a lot of those likes probably have very little to do with their amazing Spicy Chicken Deluxe sandwich with a side of tasty cole slaw. 
On the fast food chart, I couldn't believe how high the voter turnout was for Cracker Barrel!!!  Besides that, there was little that I found interesting.  The food brand chart however had a few things that caught my eye.  The spread of Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar energy drinks.  Fage Greek yogurt is right on the fence, which was not where I would've pegged it.  The biggest shocker to me was Ferrero Rocher, on the extreme left.  I would've guessed in completely opposite.  I also wondered about the super high turnout numbers for fans of Frosted Flakes, Florida Natural and Campbell's Soup.


  1. Great infographs.
    1. I'd agree Chick-fil-As size (bigger than McDs??) and location are probably skewed from recent pub... but maybe not too much as they are very popular in the south.
    2. As is cracker barrel. Also I think popular w/retirees who may be a higher than average voting block.
    3. UNO pizza right of the line? Clearly the survey missed wherever MOST IL residents get their grub. (See also Dunkin Donuts.. Isn't that a chicago biz too?)
    4. Apparently Michelle's healthy eating campaign is getting more favorable reception among Democrats.