06 November 2012

NTC: 1000 minutes

I hit the 1000 minute mark on my Nike Training Club app recently.  This is best app around and one that I am ALWAYS telling people about.  It is incredible that such a slick, well-design app is free.  So many different workouts and all you need is a medicine ball and a set of dumbbells.  It has definitely changed how I use my time at the YMCA and helped me shed some pounds. 
On top of that, the bonus workout for reaching "Believer" status was a 15-minute workout with Lea Michele!  Add that to the 15-minute stretch routine with Shawn Johnson and I've got all the motivation I need.  As the weather decends into winter, I will be spending more time at the Y with my NTC app. 
Got a favorite workout (NTC or otherwise), lemme know!

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