16 November 2012

Ibra Outdoes Even Himself

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a ridiculously incredible goal on Thursday as his Sweden team took down England.  Ibra scored all four goals in their 4-2 win, including this insanely optimistic 30-yard bicycle kick in stoppage time.  
His previous "best" goal, while he was with Ajax, is equally incredible, yet entirely different.


  1. WOW but you know it looked like the keeper wasn't that far off the mark of getting it out of there.. hard to tell. What a kick.. the guy is 6'5"....who was the coach from Liverpool, I think it said, that had what sounded like an Irish accent?

  2. Yes, but "close" doesn't count. :)

    Yeah, 6'5", he's a beast. Amazing to watch. He had a great Euro tournament this past summer and was a HUGE transfer from Milan to Paris.

    Current Liverpool manager is Brendan Rodgers. He's from Northern Ireland. Good ear!

  3. just watched it about 15 times. still almost defies belief.