24 October 2012

Reading Aloud

I came across this NY Times article from 2010 while I was looking at Jim Trelease's website.  "A father-daughter bond, page by page."  I actually got a little watery-eyed at a couple spots in the article!  It just sounds like such a wonderful experience, for both of them. 
I am hoping to start some chapter book read-aloud, beginning with "The Trumpet of the Swan" so hopefully it will be the first step in a saga similar to the one in the article.


  1. I actually read that book, funny but... it wasn't written all that well, but a great idea. E and K have such great reading voices.. K is especially good on accents.. ( I have listened in when she was reading :) ) Especially Harry Potter and those English ones. You will love reading aloud

  2. I will attest. From "But Not the Hippopotamus" board book to "Sophie's World" (a philosphical mystery), and encompasing The Chronicles of Narnia (complete x 2), A Wrinkle in Time, and many, many others, long & short, reading aloud (and some listening to tapes (long time ago!) during long car trips) amounted to great times. I recommend it very highly.

    BTW, Trumpet would be a fine choice, I would think. E.B. White is a wonderful writer, although I didn't do this one. We did do Stuart Little.