03 October 2012

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Didn't even know this artist a week ago but I've heard two great songs (and great videos) from two different sources since then.  They are on totally opposite ends of the spectrum.  "Thrift Shop" is a bouncy, hilarious, sassy celebration of looking fantastic on a very small budget.  "Same Love" is a heartfelt, intimate portrayal of a young gay man.  Enjoy them both.


  1. Actually, "Same Love" is written from Macklemore's perspective of being a straight man who is fully supportive of same-sex marraige and whose uncle is gay. Nonetheless, both tunes are excellent! Also... Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be hitting Des Moines in December. Mark your calendar!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for clarifying my hasty description.
    And happy to hear they'll be in town! Can't wait to see em live!