05 October 2012

Lincoln Football: Investigation released

I have bit my tongue on this story several different times and decided not to blog about it but I am giving in today.  The investigation report was finished, and subsequently released to the Des Moines Register by the claimant's attorney. 
If you are unfamiliar with the story the very short version is...freshman football player tweets about how awful the varsity team is, coach makes him say it to their face in practice & also do extra conditioning drills as punishment, player's mom pulls him and enrolls him at Dowling Catholic, coach is put on leave & investigation ensues.   Read the report for full details. 
Since I don't have any inside or personal knowledge of the situation I can only go by the report.  And I can't help but side with the coach.  At what point did it become wrong to reprimand your player, make them say things to people's faces, take responsibility for their mistakes and use extra conditioning as a tool for discipline?

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