09 October 2012

Great Horned Owl

...in my backyard. 
caboose & I heard him a week or two ago but by the time I stuck my head out, he had moved on. Tonight, I heard the hooting and quickly went out the front door to see if I could pinpoint his location.  The next hoot led me to my backyard.  As I was standing, hoping for another hoot to hone in on, directly above me by about six feet came a very loud hoo-hoo-ho-hooo.  I looked up (and cursed myself for forgeting my flashlight) and saw his sizable silhouette on a branch right over me.  We shared a few moments and then he silently took to his wings and slid into the darkness.
I am totally hoping he is a regular visitor so I can try to sneak a peak at him at some point. 
Thrilled to be able to add this species to my "yard list."

1 comment:

  1. Love hearing and seeing owls... great job.. get the camera and the binocs by the door. creep.. creep...