08 October 2012

Gameday Cooking

How good did the Irish look on Saturday night?!  Man, I was expecting a victory but not anything as lopsided as that.  It made looking at those crazy helmets & uniforms almost bearable.  It is totally crazy to think that I am going to see them play this weekend against Stanford and they are undefeated!!!
For the game I made a Rick Bayless (Rick & Lanie) recipe for Creamy Corn Soup with Roasted Chiles.  I had made it before and noted "Simple but good flavors" beside it.  Well this time it was definitely simply but the good flavors were completely absent.  It was the blandest soup ever made.  And I made Emeril's Jalapeno Corn bread to go with it, but I let out the jalapeno so Isa could have some too, but they turned out super blah also!  Not a great night of cooking.  Luckily there were OREO's for dessert.
On Sunday, minovia took over and made Carne de jugo or what her family just calls 'green soup'.  It has bite-sized chunks of meat and bacon in a fantastic pureed broth of tomatillos, green & jalapeno peppers and cilantro. It was out of sight.  I went back for seconds and this will be one that will have to be shared when we are all together sometime.  Top notch!
We also had another round of our college football picks challenge and you can view the results.  It has been a new, fun addition to my football Saturdays.

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  1. What would that taste like without the meat? Looks delish... the corn soup... I can't stand to even look at it after my trial. :)