02 October 2012

Beer & Politics

My first reaction is like the one the article said most people probably have when presented with this data, thinking "What a load of crap," or more accurately, "where did they get this data from?"
That aside, it is sort of fun to look at.  A couple observations...
  • I wasn't surprise that Bud Light is right on the Democratic/Republican fence.  If there is a beer to represent the bland, middle of the road populus, that is it.
  • With that in consideration, it is surprising that Coors Light and Miller Lite skew so far toward the right.
  • It was interesting for me to plot out my life's progression in beer and see if it correlated in any way to my political leanings or voting activity.  Busch Light > Miller Lite > Guinness/Stella.
  • Shiner Bock is seriously for the extreme right.  Too bad, it's good beer!
  • I've never heard of Henry Weinhard's. 
  • Curious about why Molson and Labatt's fall on different sides of the spectrum.  I don't really know how they are viewed in Canada, I guess.  Maybe one is seen as more high-end.


  1. Fun graph, great points too.
    - Bud Light I'd add that it also fits b/c it's on the lower end of the turnout scale.
    - To your Shiner Bock obsv. above, I'd remind you it's from Texas.
    - Heineken surprised me with the strong Dem placement. Not sure why unless it's b/c it's an import.
    -Beer evolution, me: Miller > Coors > Bud Select (yipes!)

  2. one thing i missed the first time...
    they must be serving Sierra Nevada in the freakin' voting booth!