28 September 2012

Making the switch. Time to save some $$$.

I pretty much order one thing and one thing only when I go to Starbucks. Grande chai, nonfat ($2.95). And I usually get an oatmeal (~$2.49) with fruit and nuts. I think it usually comes out to $5.88...which isn't terrible. I only go a couple times a weeks but "over time" (that phrase is always the catch) it adds up. So, as part of a list of things I'm trying to improve in my life routines, I got a box of 12 instant oatmeal ($3) and a box of 20 tea bags ($3.50) and brought them to work.
We'll see how I do. I think it will work well. I used to go to Starbucks when I needed a place to work for while, and now I just go for the gastro-treats. Stay tuned!


  1. I always enjoyed making tea at work because it was a built-in break from computer time. Also you can make new friends if you take them by a cup! You can also resuse your tea bag and make several cups, if you take a small tea pot to your office. That's what I did, then you are REALLY saving some bucks. I can personally recommend the instant oatmeal packs of brown sugar cinnamon; they are the best. If you put in a few golden raisins BEFORE the microwaving, it makes them ever so soft. Then I add a few frozen blueberries to cool it all down. It's quite a treat. I miss it!

  2. Yes, the break from the desk is nice.
    I like the idea of re-using the tea bags. I know that homebase is a BIG fan of that also. A second cup in the afternoon might be just right!
    No brown sugar for me but I did break a sack of dried cranberries and a shaker of cinnamon to dress it up a little. :)