20 September 2012

Latino Fest & Snookies Last Day

There were lots of highlights at the Latino Fest this past weekend (the largest ethnic festival in the state).  Good weather, perfect for a light hoodie as the afternoon was by and the sun got lower.  Great food, we sampled tacos three ways - carne asada, pastor and cochinitas, followed that up with some tamales and washed it all down with some great horchata (not too cinnamon-y).  Fun live music, we listened to several groups while we were there, all were great and there was dancing to watch too.  And shopping too!  What started out as looking at the knit sweaters for toddlers turned into one of my favorite shopping activities, trying on stocking hats!  These were fleece lined and from Ecuador.  And, while I probably do not need another stocking hat (I'll give an old one to Goodwill to make up for it), these were only $7!  That is giveaway price!  The same hat at the mall would be $25 at least.  So we both got hats and are ready for that first snow. 
Later that evening, since it was the last day of the season for Snookie's, I talked caboose into walking up the street for an ice cream treat.  We timed it perfectly!  I thought we had until 9:00pm but it turns out they close at 8:00 and they shut off their marquee sign right after we ordered.  That is pretty perfect.  So we walked back home, enjoying our mint chocolate malts, having some laughs and recapping a good weekend.

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  1. I love Snookies and come to think of it... I don't think I got to go even once. I was too full a couple of times I visited. Your visit sounds perfect, fun times