17 August 2012

Tot Ziens, RvP

I loved watching Robin Van Persie last season as he dropped in goals with machine-like consistency but ballet-like grace. And I always enjoy cheering on his home country's national team, even though the Dutch frustrate the heck out of me.  So when the rumor mill started up about him not re-signing with Arsenal, I was bummed.  But as the summer wore on, and his stance became clear, I began to care less and less.  Arsenal has made some good signings and I don't feel like this parting has the sting of last summer's when Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri skipped town on the last train out.  So even though RvP will be playing for a league rival (and personal bane) Manchester United, I don't really care. Plus, I firmly believe the motto that no one is bigger than the club.
You have to respect Arsenal's business model and financial discipline in a soccer industry that seems to only care about the next trillionaire foriegner to buy a team and flood the transfer market with a monsoon of cash (hello, Paris St. Germain!). 
Anyways, I liked this article "Good Riddance, RvP" and also this article about where he will fit into the crowded striker group at Man U"
Fingers crossed for a great season from the Gunners! If you are interested in taking a peak at them, their season opener vs Sunderland is on ESPN and ESPN3 this Saturday @ 9:00 CST. 

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  1. I like the guy's name Robin Van Persie, but Robbie Van Persie sounds even better. That is one great logo for Arsenal... the gunners. Really nice. Where is my Beckham?