01 August 2012

So Long Summer

Back to school already?!?!  And just like that my days of lazing around are over.  Well, to be honest, teachers don't have to go back for another couple weeks and students don't come back until the 22nd, but here I am back in work clothes for the first time in a couple months.  I was going through my notes & files yesterday and looked at a "to do" list I had made with ideas of things to get done over the summer.  I had not crossed a single thing off!  So I just deleted that list.  I definitely did a poor job of getting my bike out more.  I didn't cook much, just a few things here and there.  Live music was a big zero this summer since I skipped 80/35 and was out of town for Girltalk and K.Flay.  But I did get a few fun trips in, to San Diego, Dallas, Omaha, Iowa City and Chicago.  I watched a lot of soccer during the Euro2012 tournament.  And I did a lot of laying out in my back yard and reading.  And there is some great live music coming up that I'm excited about (Miranda Lambert, Flobots, Hoodie Allen, Gaelic Storm, etc).
And summer really isn't OVER, I just have to enjoy it after work and on weekends now.  I do get to enjoy a fabulous new workspace (top floor, corner office with windows!), working downtown connected to the skywalk again and enjoy covered parking (even though I don't care for parking in a ramp).  Things are a little slow so far but once teachers come back, I'll hopefully be out in the schools again and staying busy. 


  1. i was never a big ramp fan either... however GREAT for 1) keeping sun off the car for the next 8 weeks 2) keeping freshly fallen snow off the car later on.
    i WAS a big fan of offices with windows. yippee for a great work space.


  2. Is there anything better than walking around in a beautiful clean little bit nippy pool when it is 95 degrees out? That's what I did today in Iowa City... so relaxing I am doing all I can with my "last week" next week Summer has been good... loads of books read... relaxing, short trips, and fun.. I will follow your lead and continue the fun, just on weekends!!