01 August 2012

Restaurant Review: Keller's Deli

I used Yelp to help me think of a place for lunch today and ended up at Keller's Deli.  It is only a few blocks from my new location and I am giving it very high marks.  I ordered the curry chicken salad sandwich meal, and, first off, I would not get the meal again because I was stuffed after the sandwich and just took the chips back to the office with me.  The drink was nice though since they have Diet & Cherry Coke as well as the ingredients for an Arnold Palmer, which is what I went with on this hot day.  The bread is fresh baked daily and I had the flax/sesame seed which was tasty.  The sandwich alone was on special and would've been $5.95.  Very reasonable.  And to top if off they have a punch card system!
I'll defintely be going back, especially once it gets colder since I hear that their soups are very nice. 
I'm also eager to start packing and bringing my lunch again.  Saving some $$, eating health, getting to leave earlier, etc. 

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  1. I want to try it too.. Arnold Palmer? what's that. Let's go