03 August 2012

HMN '12

Almost forgot to post about this!
We had some of the best weather we've had in year for HMN last weekend.  Just enough breezy to enjoy but not too much to mess with the grilling.  Enough clouds to break up the sun, but not enough to be dreary.  I got a couple games of bags in, chalking up a win and a loss.  (This served as a reminder to get a new set of bags to go with my own boards)
The big excitement for caboose and I was being put in charge of the tshirts this year.  I got us started with a rough draft and we worked on tweaking it from there.  They were a slight deviation from the style of past years and I think that is a good thing.  Lots of good comments when we unveiled them.
For the first time is several years, I didn't spend the night since I had to drive to Iowa City the next day, but I still was able to enjoy a LOT of meat before I left ~11:30.  My favorite this year was a new addition, Tim's Malaysian steak kebabs.  I loved all the flavors on the marinade; coconut milk, ginger, Thai peppers.  SO good.  I made shrimp on the grill in a lemon-garlic sauce with some kick from crushed red pepper.  Good, but not as good as the grilled shrimp I made a year ago.  58 pounds of meat was served this year and taking home the trophy was a dish of Bang-Bang shrimp.
Already looking forward to next year...the tenth anniversary!  Can't wait to see what is done to commemorate it!  flickr set here.

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  1. Always love to hear about HMN and love my photo every year... 2 5 by 7's to Walmart please. I always have one at school :)