15 August 2012

All Family Reads: Summer '12

Reading occupies a significant place in my family and there is never a get-together, whether it's the entire extended Regan clan or just a couple people meeting, that does not include some sharing of something they've read recently.  Books, blogs, articles, magazines, audiobooks - I think if you measures our total capacity for the written word it would be pretty impressive.  
I was thinking of that earlier this summer when I remembered something that they had done in Chicago when I lived there.  A book would be chosen a couple times a year and it would be named the "All Chicago Reads" selection.  You could get it at the library (they would have a billion copies) and then there were discussion groups, movie watchings, events of all sorts around that title. I thought it might be fun to do the same within our family, so we all (minus caboose who couldn't make it) met up at Barnes & Nobles, spread out and were tasked with bringing back a book to present to the group and be voted on.  Some people as you can see below couldn't narrow it down to just one.  After the presentations, which were very fun, the dust settled and the winner was..."Eighty Dollar Champion", MY pick!!  So that was very fun until about four days later when homebase led the way in reading it and administered a solid veto on the book.  So it was on to the runner-up, Noah's choice of "Gregor the Overlander."  It is the first book in a series written by Suzanne Collins before she wrote the Hunger Games series.  Everyone has given it positive reviews so far and I just picked up a copy at the library yesterday.
Be thinking of some fun things we could do with it when we all get together for Labor Day!

List of submissions
Noah - "Gregor the Overlander" by Collins
Kate - "Life in a Medieval Village" by Gies and "I am A Man"  by Chief Standing Bear
Eron - "The Hour between Dog and Wolf" by Coates, "The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat" by Claiborne and "Yes Chef" by Samuelson. (also had Dick Van Dyke's bio and "Star Climber" by Oppel before self-striking them from the selection)
Brighid - "Masterpiece" by Broach
Emily - "Paper Towns" by John Green
Jake - "Eighty Dollar Champion" by Letts and "Ready Player One" by Cline
Rose -  "Grendel" by John Gardner


  1. I Am A Man was Kate's second pick actually...I loved Noah's pick and need to request the second one from the library... great idea.. I also want Yes, Chef-E's pick.