09 July 2012


The Wimbledon men's final was Sunday morning and it was a real treat to get to see Roger Federer playing some superb tennis as he battled Andy Murray.  Roger has always been the one I cheer for out of the trio of top stars (him, Nadal, and Djokovic) plus there was the added intrigue of a Brit playing in the final.  No Brit has won the Wimbledon title for 76 years, and although Andy is from Scotland, Britain would be OK with that if he would've won.  He took the first set from Roger before the rain caused a 40 minute delay.  After the re-start, Roger's game was at another level.  He took home his seventh Wimbledon title and his 17th major win, and regained the world #1 ranking.  Not bad for a 30 year old with a touchy back and twin toddler girls.
I'm sure it won't pack as much of a punch if you didn't watch him battle for 3+ hours, but Andy's speech after the match had me choked up in my living room. 


  1. I saw his speech and I thought the same thing.. felt sorry for him, he looked great though. Those twins were darling in those dresses.

  2. While Conmeister & I are normally Raffa-ferians, with him out, I definitely pulled for Roger. When he's on--and he was--he's really great. Murray made a fine effort, and it's tough to disappoint the home town fans. He should win some, some day, but Roger has to retire first, and then he must conquer Raffa & ND, no easy task. Anyway, great athleticism.

  3. Loved the commentators line on Murray, a man who has met with triumph and disaster and treated both impostors.