15 July 2012

Nieces & Nephew Time!

A weekend getaway to a Knight of Columbus event for stoppable and KT turned into a weekend of a broken foot (for KT), surgery, recovery and crutches.  homebase had been planning on taking care of the kids while they were out of town and, despite the change in plans, it still worked out for them to enjoy a few days in the country while stoppable played nurse to KT in Omaha.
Three kids with their grandma in the country sounded like too much fun for me to miss out on so I zipped home Friday afternoon.  Although I was only there for about 24 hours, we had a lot of fun in that short time.  The main project was a tie quilt out of bandanas of all different colors. The piecing was already done when I arrived, we pinned it to the batting and backing on Friday, and Saturday we did the tieing.  They finished the border trim after I left and it looked pretty great!
There was lots of games of mancala with the Brig, NTW took over the high scores on most of the games on my iPad, and trading songs with Emily.  Everyone pitched in for a great meal in the evening as we dined out in the shade under the trees.  Grilled chicken sandwiches, beans, jell-O, chips and two salsas (a pineapple/red pepper one and a jicama/black bean/roasted corn one).  We closed out the night with fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies and everyone piled on the living room floor watching "Puss in Boots."
The Brig had said that she was interested in going on a nature walk Saturday morning, and we didn't have any more takers, so it was just the two of us.  She wanted to get an early start so we set our alarms for 6:15.  I made us some cinnamon toast, packed our binoculars and bug spray and we headed over to the Wabash Trace.  homebase had told of spotting a family of raccoons there earlier in the week, and Brig had her heart set of finding them.  Sadly, we struck out...big time.  We saw almost nothing.  Not even a rabbit or a squirrel.  And only a red-headed woodpecker for interesting birds.  Despite the lack of wildlife disappointment, it was a fun time to spend together, walking and talking.
Back at the house, I made migas for everyone for breakfast, we worked on the quilt, played Scrabble, and for lunch we had a feast of sweet corn and pasta with meatballs.
After that it was 'rest time' for everyone, and time for me to shove off.  A super fun time (even though I missed out on the water fight), getting out of the city and hanging out with my nieces and nephew and homebase. 

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  1. so much fun to have you here... thanks for all the help and cooking. We all had a great time.